Here is Why Steve Job and Bill Gates raised their kids tech free and its a lesson for every one

Screen time for children isn’t great for children. Despite known the negative impacts, so many children around us are getting so much screen time. This is because there aren’t too many parents who are making efforts to keep their children away from the digital screens. The time with the screen in front of the eyes makes a child less dependent on parents and engages them in an independent play.

According to researchers, the chances of depression in kids increase to 27% when they use social media frequently.

Kids who use their phone for at least three hours a day are more likely to become hopeless. It happens mostly because of parent’s ignorance towards raising their kids in a digital world. But there are two biggest tech figures in recent history i.e. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who have raised their kids in a low tech environment where the power of digital technology did not made their kids addicted.

According to Bill gates, he didn’t allow his kids to have cellphones until the age of 14 and implemented a cap on screen when his daughter developed an unhealthy attraction towards a video game. Steve Jobs, who remained CEO of Apple until his death in 2012, also revealed that he used to limit his kids time with the screen at home. Jobs prevented his kids from using the iPads in schools although the modern school system requires children to study by using the digital screens instead of books.

Looking at these two tech leaders low-tech environment for their kids, it is easy to imagine that employees at the Silicon Valley are raising their kids away from the power of these digital gadgets.

Gates stressed on use of technology tailoring lesson for each student in order to benefit them in an educational setting. He took a keen interest in personalized education. For the purpose, Gates celebrated Summit Sierra which is a Seattle-based school that took personal goals of students seriously. According to Gates, the personalized education may not the cure for all, but it will be helpful for the young generation to make the most of their potential.

Via: Business Insider