5 impressive skills you can learn in a week

A large part of achieving your goals is learning new skills. It is the kind of knowledge that you can apply to your overall growth. There are massive benefits of acquiring new skills, it develops your knowledge and improves you for better. In fact, the secret to success in any venture is to never stop learning no matter if you have earned an advanced degree or are just beginning a new career. And learning new skills does not take a lot of your time.

There are some impressive skills that can be learned with a week’s worth of practice. Following are the few impressive skills that you can choose from.

Learning to solve a Rubik cube:

People who know how to solve a Rubik cube do it as fast as possible. Once you learn the algorithms and turn patterns, it is not difficult to solve it. You just need to memorize the order of the turns and a beginner can solve the whole puzzle with practicing for a week.

Story telling:

Story telling is an art but there are rules to make it seamless. The biggest ability of a story teller is to captivate the audiences and tell authentic stories.

Learning the basics of new language:

Learning more than one language take your mind on a broader level. There are so many apps that teach different language. Therefore it is not difficult to get a grasp of some of the basic words of languages. It will make you familiar with the culture of different origins.


Juggling is not just for fun, it is a truly portable workout. It provides a best practice for you hand and eye coordination. You can get a hand on it within a week by starting with two balls. You can begin with just tossing the balls in the air, first with your right hand and then with the left hand. When you done with tossing two balls perfectly, than add a third one along.

Basic of martial arts:

This skill provides you enough confidence to keep yourself secure in case of difficult situations. You might not need it every day but it will help you to stay active and alert in your daily routine.

Via: Business Insider