Twitter character limit Could Expand to 280-Character Limit

Twitter users constantly feel an anxiety when it comes to the character limit. But the platform has recently decided to change that as it is testing to expand the character limit to 280 instead of 140 characters. The company aims to start the test among a small group of users in different languages.

According to the announcement that has been made by Twitter, the company is confident that the change will be much appreciated by its users. As many of the users have been tweeting for years now, but the 140 character limit restrains them from expressing themselves completely. The new 280 character limit will give users a sense of relief on choosing the character limit. According to Twitter’s product manager, the new limit will be unavailable in languages such as Japanese which require fewer character limit for expressing longer sentiments.

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The new updates indicate that Twitter is focusing on making its service more user-friendly despite the falling number of its users. Also, the company is facing criticism for its less attention towards the offensive content posted on the service. Even the Tweets by the President Donald Trump against North Korea were regarded by the company as newsworthy suggesting that the comments are not at all in the bad interest of the country.