SnapChat’s sixth birthday has ‘Sky Filters’ and 3D Bitmoji Lenses

It’s been six years that SnapChat has become the most user-generated platform. For the big day, SnapChat has decided to reward its users with a present. The present has been announced in the form of a Sky Filters. This is the filter for making users’ snaps more amazing, TNW reports.

Sky Filters are the next level filters which allow users to paint the sky above their head. In a photo snap when once the sky is recognized in a photo snap, the latest filters will appear automatically beside the normal filters. Users will then be allowed to paint the sky with different shades and weather patterns. Users can choose from stormy clouds, starry nights, rainbows etc. These Sky Filters will be made available on the platform’s sixth birthday and will be rolled out to the iOS and Android users rotating on a daily basis.

Along with Sky Filters, SnapChat has also announced 3D Bitmoji lenses. These 3D lenses are for the phone’s camera and a way to allow users to interact and play the cartoons in the real world. These lenses are an addition to the lenses that are already available on the app.