iPhoneX discussed inside-out, is it worth the price?

All you need to ever know about iPhone X

Technology wise, iPhoneX is definitely ‘THE’ best smartphone in the market to-date. The six-cores processor for the first time in an iOS device is beast power. Even the current iPhone 7Plus smashed all the other smartphones in performance. The neural engine is computing 600 billion instructions per second. So imagine how powerful the processor is and we all know that iOS interacts with the devices in an extremely optimized manner.

The top bezel:

Useless area of screen on the sides. It is coming in between the landscape view of photos and videos, producing a huge unwanted distraction. The browser and the mail app view looks very ugly with that bezel. It does not give a clean and tidy look. The top area looks extremely congested.

Edge-to-Edge screen:

No it’s not. Xiaomi MI MIX2 is edge-to-edge, not iPhoneX. I hated the design of the ‘Essential Phone‘ and it made me laugh that there’s a spot at the top (for camera and earpiece). When I saw the rumours about iPhoneX, I was confident that Apple could never make that silly mistake. But I was wrong and I was disappointed to see a strange looking bezel.

Even after unlocking with FaceID you still need to swipe up. Seriously! Bad! Very Bad! I used to touch the home button to unlock the phone. Now even with FaceID, I still have to touch it. How about if I need to unlock the phone while on a bike, wearing helmet? I think #Apple is using infrared rays or sonic beam system to capture the 3D face structure. My friend, a Pakistani guy “Farhan Masood” developed that system like 10 years ago at SoloTech and integrated in FaceXS biometric devices. So the technology is not new, but introduced efficiently in a smartphone for the first time ever.

By the way, I’m thinking to walk into an Apple Store and put FaceID on every iPhoneX that’s on display. Can I actually do that?

Control center position is terrible. You are forced to use your second hand to access it. Even the presentation on launch showed a second hand appearing to swipe down the control center. Right now the control center is just a swipe away while holding a phone in one hand.

Even after 3 years they couldn’t find a solution for the hump of camera at the back. This brought iPhone in the same category as all the other XYZ phones that already had a hump to adjust the camera lens. Apple never had that till iPhone 6. So apparently nothing new happened at optical level to improve the camera (or they didn’t show off in the launch event). Everything in #iPhone8#iPhone8Plus and iPhoneX related to camera appear to be the software solution to digitally enhance the photo. I dropped my iPhone 7 Plus on the road while getting out of the car. A car seat’s height is hardly 2 feet. I broke the cover/glass of the lens because the hump exposed the camera at the back a lot.

Ok! Ok! Fine! Don’t tell me to put a cover on a phone for protection. Do you drive your million dollar car with covers on it?

Wireless charging is nothing new. The world experienced it around 4 years ago and Apple didn’t innovate anything in it. It’s already developed by QI. Apple just integrated it within iPhone. I think it’s the first time that Apple is not doing any innovation and simply borrowed a technology from someone else (wireless charging as well as OLED screen).

And yeah you have to buy a new wireless compatible charging case as an accessory to charge your AirPods wirelessly on the charging pad.

The weight of the phone reduced because now there’s no home button. Taptic Engine would still be there I guess for the vibration.

Now iPhone is not a unibody design anymore. We had seen the glass-back before in iPhone 4 and 4S as well which were pretty durable. I never saw any iPhone 4/4S with broken or shattered back glass at least.

The Super Retina OLED screen is a world class product. It’s so strange that Samsung owns this screen but Apple is doing so much more with it like putting 3D Touch and TrueTone in it. Pixel Density is less if compared to new Android flagship rivals. Similarly the brightness of the screen is really good. Recently launched Samsung Note 8 is even better in terms of brightness, but I think the extreme brightness would irritate eyes.

Oh and most importantly how would you reach the back button on top left while holding iPhoneX in one hand? Where’s the reachability function now? Android phones can afford tall screens because their back button is under the thumb.

It seems that Apple is still rolling with the momentum that Steve gave. The pricing increased. The competitor products are getting better, closing the technology and innovation gap that Apple had with other rivals. Changing an AppStore logo is not innovation. Or even changing AppStore layout in iOS11 is not innovation. I’m forced to believe that Jony Ive isn’t the designer. He was simply executing the orders and enhancing whatever Steve was asking him to do. Because since Steve passed away, I had not seen any design change that made me say “WoW”. iOS icons color changed, cameras got a hump, now 5 phones with the same exact shape. What’s going on Ive? Even for iPhone 8 or iPhone X Apple didn’t show the process of creating and carving the body which usually they do.

During the launch event nothing was mentioned about multitasking, though iPhoneX has 3GB RAM and HexaCore processor. I remember at WWDC17 Apple showed multitasking on iOS11 with iPad.

Ok the question everyone is asking me is ‘TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY‘ iPhone 8/8+/X?
My answer is, it’s all about the ecosystem now. If you own other Apple products, it’s better to stick to it. If you are just a normal WhatsApp user, you can buy any phone. If you want to use your phone as a memory card too, then the Android market is open for you. And yes Samsung got more features but it never became a status symbol.

Am I going to buy it?

Yes may be, I will. Why? Because I want try to keep myself up to date with technology. And I’m into the Apple ecosystem (though moving out of it is not a big deal, but I prefer to stay).

In my opinion if Steve was there, he would have never launched such a product that has margin of improvement and a failed user experience. No new actual innovation came out since Steve. This world is missing Steve, the Einstein of Innovation.

Apple basically opened the doors for the industry to follow. Like they did with introducing a touch screen phone, FaceTime, Siri and TouchID. Now the rivals have seen the vision, they will do more R&D and will try to bring even better products and start putting up videos for comparison.

By the way, I predict that iPhoneX will break sales record in first quarter. The opening weekend would break as well. For iPhone 8/8Plus, there would be empty stores. No one is interested in them.


This is a guest article by Talal Masood. He is Co-Founder at Pakistan- Go Green and Founder at Synix Technologies