Top 10 most popular Apps

As mobile devices are getting more powerful and more connected, plenty of popular apps are finding home screens as their destination. It a convenience for glancing at the data, flipping around, and checking on what’s new. Certain apps, however, become so popular that never leave the home screens of users around the world. According to survey that phone owners at the age 18 and above there are few apps that are a must that they need to have on their phones.

Following is the list of those popular apps that never leave their user’s phones.


Facebook app is among the most top rated apps that are checked by users first thing in the morning. According to an estimated survey, almost 46% of the people must have this app on their phones.


Checking email soon after getting up and even throughout the day has become a kind of a habit for most people. Gmail in this regard is playing its role with 41% of having the app on their home screens.

Google Maps:

Google Maps has proved to be of a lot of convenience for people for searching for various locations. Around 37% of the people must have a Google Maps on their home screens.


Known as the electronic commerce and cloud computing company Amazon, its app has become pretty popular with 35% of people having it on their home screens.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger is also a much-demanded app and 34% of the people must have the app.


YouTube resides on the home screen of almost 33% of the users’ phones.

Google Search:

There is nothing in the world that cannot be searched about on the Google Search therefore 26% of the people must have it on their home screens.

Google Play Store:

26% of the people keep Google Play Store on their home screens.


Popular among all ages, Instagram resides on 24% of people’s home screens.

Apples App Store:

Apple’s App Store is a must among 23% of people’s home screens.

Via: Business insider

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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