5 tips to increase your engagement on Instagram

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of its eye catchy photo filters, innovative stories and direct DM ability. Instagram recently had a crackdown on many accounts that had fake followers using bot in order to make its space authentic and users original.

Here are Five handy tips to increase your users engagement on Instagram not just for personal following but from business point of view as lot of advertisers are targeting Instagram videos for their business marketing.

Avoid Auto Bots:

Instagram has pretty robust algorithms at place that can easily differentiate between original and fake traffic. If the fake traffic is spotted, your account will be deleted right away so it is advised to avoid going through this quick channel promotion and follow legit, authentic way of increasing followers.

Post just one time a day:

If you post more than once per day, it will cause your post to compete with others and that results in poor engagement and results. Many people still use Instagram just once a day and the post visibility can last longer.

Optimize Posting Time:

This is very important, you have to figure out at what time followers in your list are online the most. It varies from country to country but the best time are seen to be early morning around 8AM when people are heading to the work or around 8 in the evening when they are relaxed at their homes.

Optimize hashtags:

This is the most important feature in Instagram as hashtags let you get searched and also show-up in the trending spots. Hashtags lets you appear more in the discovery pages. Figure out what hashtags appeal to your demographics and use them sensibly.

Call to action:

Engage your audience, encourage them to leave comments by asking questions, asking interesting insight about your post. Call to action means asking interesting question so others are tempted to answer such as “shall I buy iphone or Samsung”?

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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