Google killed one of its features

The Next Web did an interesting research on Google search engine. Google instant had been a very important feature in the search section as when you used to type something in Google Search, it even showed you the results before you click enter. On finding a good match, users could find their desired results but in worst case scenarios they would be provided with a number of unrelated search results. But recently, this unique feature of its desktop search engine has been killed off by Google itself.

This was the feature that was introduced in 2010 and provided search results as users typed them on their desktop. Google will still provide the search suggestion to the users, but not load any of the search results until one of the suggestions have been selected by pressing enter. The company responded to this in a statement by explaining that the feature was introduced with an aim to provide users with the information they require as instantly as possible. But now, most of the searches take place on mobile with an extremely different input along with interaction and screen constraints. Looking at the reducing popularity of the platform, the company has decided to end the Google Instant feature so to focus on their ways to make the search more efficient on other devices.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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