Become the future leader by doing these four things

In order to become a good leader, it is important to become a good follower at first. Being a follower does not require you to execute instructions unthinkingly with blind loyalty. True followers tend to be more evolved and make their follower-ship their own education. In today’s workplace, where social media commands growing influence the followers are considered to be extremely powerful. Followers have the ability to influence an organization.

Following are ways that can help you to become a great follower which will ultimately strengthen your abilities as a leader.

  1. Consider yourself a leader-in-training:

    Followers want to acquire more knowledge of everything because they know that leaders are supposed to know more than everyone else. They see themselves as future leaders and consider them on a leadership journey. They are the leaders of their own careers. They set higher standards for their work by demonstrating impeccable work ethics.

  2. They place their team first:

    Good followers are considered to be good team players. They act as a glue to keep the team together. They are the kind of people that their leaders count on them and everyone else like them.

  3. They believe in their selves:

    True followers do not need to be told what to do, what to do, and how to do things. They have the courage and confidence to respectfully discuss with their leaders. True followers are equipped with competence and confidence that helps them to become successful leaders.

  4. They follow the vision:

    Good followers follow the vision which has a purpose. Just like Apple’s employees may look up to Steve Jobs but work for his vision that is based on innovation and intuition.

Via: Business Insider