How to master a conflict, 5 tips

The best way to win a conflict is to never have one in the first place but being socially connected, it’s something that is unavoidable. Successful people always opt for strategies when they feel things are getting out of their hand. They follow clever approaches when they face a challenging situation for achieving results that are outstanding.

Following are the ways you can directly and positively engage in an issue

Using and instead of but:

Just by replacing the word but with the word and can make your life much easier. Saying and makes the other person feel you are standing with them where as the word but makes them feel you are against their view.

Asking questions for understanding the issue:

When you do not understand the motive behind a conflict, it becomes worse. It makes everything appear troublesome. Instead you should first understand what the issue is about. For this, you need to ask questions in order to know the underlying motive behind the conflict.

Offer solutions:

During a conflict, it is always good to offer solutions for solving the problem instead of standing against others. For this purpose you need to acknowledge that you are working together to find a solution.

Consider the effects of silence:

When a situation becomes tense it’s hard to get the motivation to speak up. Sometimes things can get worse upon speaking in the beginning of an issue. The right way is not to speak up at first.

It requires emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is something that can help in crafting a message during a conflict. It takes the feelings of other people into account while being confident on the other hand.

Via: Forbes

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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