How to deal with political talk in the office

There is a lot going on in our world right now, therefore, its natural for people to want to talk about it. These include the people who work at offices and indulge in conversations more than their actual work. All the turmoil can cause a problem especially when you sincerely want to focus on work. Perhaps you are the only conservative in the nest of liberal or simply want to keep the job; this can be done only in a political free environment.

In order to deal with the office politics the right way, you need to follow some specific rules.

  • Take it as a clue:

In your interview, you may be indicated towards the kind of environment you will be joining in future. If you feel uncomfortable in such situation, you can easily more forward with another job opportunity.

  • Do not try to influence others:

You cannot achieve anything by proving yourself to others therefore do not indulge in a discussion with senior colleagues. When you know you are right, avoid such conversations with people.

  • Shift to another subject:

When you feel like the conversation has gone too far, try to switch the topic. Try to make it sound like you have to focus a lot on your work and is not in a mood to discuss anything further.

  • Respectfully opt out:

Very respectfully, inform your colleagues that you do not like to indulge in political discussions and feel best to keep the opinion to yourself. This kind of response makes it hard for professionals to get offended.

Via: Forbes