Fake WhatsApp URL installing Adware

Thanks to people clicking on shady links, the massive Google Docs hack previously spread like wildfire. After that, a ransom ware attack tore around the world for the same purpose. And now, someone is screwing up with WhatsApp. This time someone is trying to get WhatsApp users click on a fake link that leads them to install adware.

The fake link is шһатѕарр.com, notice the “w”, a character from the Cyrillic alphabet.

Currently, there is some adware that is circulating on the internet that tricks users to visit a fake WhatsApp website. The website attracts users by offering them to install the application in different colors. Once on visiting the link, users are asked to share the site with their friends for verification. Those contacts or friends then receive a message saying “I like the new colors for WhatsApp” provided with a fake URL. Once the users get verified, they are then told that WhatsApp colors are only accessible through a desktop for which they are required to install an extension. This extension can be acquired from BlackWhats, the real Chrome Web Store.

This is something that might get notified to a tech savvy person but for common people, it is difficult to spot the red flags as the fake URL is pretty convincing at first glance. The extension itself shows more than 16,000 users and a 4-star rating from 55 ratings but has only three of the text reviews.

If you are nonetheless tempted by the fake URL, always ensure the website you are about to visit spells the same way as the real product so that you are safe from being tricked.

Via: The Next Web