Don’t follow the email aggressive behaviour

For a majority of our communications in the business industry, we use emails. This is a good from sales prospects, for brainstorming ideas, closing deals etc.

But for some people, this subtle tool can be deployed with such precision, like a sharp razor, that might even get the people wounded. They might be just delivering an insult in such a nonchalant manner, that people won’t even know what hit them.

In order to put you on guard not to make your emails aggressive, following are the few behaviors and phrases you should avoid.

Repeated reply-all

Always avoid being cc’d on a chain of emails. This can be really annoying for people attached and also can give a sign of your passive aggressiveness.

The phrase:

When you are sending emails to your colleagues, whatever you’ll ask them will probably be associated with your job. So there is no purpose of including ‘I do not mean to bother you, but… This is something that diminishes your power for no reason.

Avoid writing in all CAPS:

It is very important to use appropriate protocols in an email such as capitalizing the first word of a sentence. Especially in business emails which are unlike text messages, you have to appear very professional. There is no need to turn on the CAPS lock on and there is no need to add a series of exclamation marks or emojis to stress on whatever you are trying to ask.

Sending urgent emails:

While dealing with your colleagues, there is no need to give a panic attack to your employee or your boss by sending every email titled as Urgent. It is better to reserve this subject line for only the most urgent matters. Otherwise, no one is going to take the emails serious just like the boy who cried wolf to fool the villagers.

Via: Business Insider