Timeline support by Google maps for iOS

It seems that Google won’t rest until the whole planet is on its servers. It has been mapping 28 million miles of road in 194 countries since 2005. Planning a holiday has become a lot easier as Google Maps covers a lot of places. The company is putting together a sort of digital mirror of the world. It has brought a revolution to the maps by announcing a recent update that would bring the famous Timeline feature to the iOS devices.

In Google Maps, this update will act as a kind of mobile memory that will enable users to recall in a good deal of information regarding all the places they have been. For Android users, this had been a pretty interesting feature and they mostly loved it. But since 2015, iOS users have been waiting to try it.

This update does not only allow users to keep tabs on their movement throughout the day but also helps them to edit locations to ensure the information is correct. Google Maps has become a vital part of our lives and it feels odd to think that it didn’t exist until 2005. Not it appears that the entire search giant’s tentacles reach octopus-like into every area of our existence. The Google Maps is getting improved and has changed our day-to-day life the most. It seems that mapping has become an essential part of understanding a new city, planning a vacation or getting to a meeting quickly.