Facebook launches Messenger Day globally

In order to put a utilitarian spin on the slideshow format, Facebook is globally launching its Messenger Day. There is not much difference between the two, SnapChat Stories basically reiterates what a user has done whereas the Messenger Day’s “who’s up for?” and Active Now indicators assist in searching friends to chat and meet up with.

Facebook is starting to test the version of Stories for itself. The Messenger Day helps users to do everything they expect to do on SnapChat only. Users can add masks, doodles, filters, emoji, stickers, and frames to their Stories.

The process of creating a Day requires the user to a standard camera feature and chooses upon My Day under the section of “Add-on”. The existing image can be picked up from the gallery from within the camera. It can also be selected by tapping “add to your day” under images that have already been shared in a conversation.

But there are certain actions that can be performed better on Messenger as compared to SnapChat.  SnapChat allows its users to share their Stories with everyone or with the people in the contact list but it’s not the case with the Messenger Day. Facebook’s Messenger day allows its users to even whitelist or blacklist specific contact. Although, the reason for the popularity of SnapChat was that it was considered more private than Facebook but with the introduction of Messenger Day, this advantage has been ruled out. Messenger Day provides a more improved form of privacy control than it was offered by SnapChat.

Facebook has rolled out this feature to its users all around the world already. But there is no end to Facebook’s advancement, soon Stories is also going to become a part of its biggest network i.e. the Facebook app itself.

Messenger Day is not something about yesterday or tomorrow, this is something created for today. First it provides for better conversation and secondly, it engages the user in deciding what to plan for the present day.  Planning is something that can set a person’s day forward and this is what messaging apps are for. The Messenger Day augments this messaging without coming in the way of what is being planned with a person’s contacts. Facebook has a great ability to embrace anything that is new and tries to adapt it to its context, this is what it has done this time with SnapChat Stories.

Via: The Next Web

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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