Positive body language can improve your life

More than half of our personality’s impact depends on our body language. We probably have control over the words we speak, but have we ever thought about the control on our body language? Our body language comprises of our gestures, stance, and facial expressions. These become all the more important when all the eyes are upon us.

A strong and positive body language is extremely helpful in building credibility, expressing emotions, and connecting with listeners. It is the most intelligent too to use for making listeners focus more intently towards us and whatever we are saying.

Studies have shown that people with an effective body language project a stronger image and audience responds to them better. It helps them to build a personal connection to their words. A positive body language helps a person in the following ways.

It changes attitude:

A positive body language changes the attitude by bringing a strong impact on hormones. A constant effort to make it more positive can help improve the attitude and make a person feel more confident.

It makes you more likeable:

Body language of a person plays a huge role in how a person is perceived. It is even more important than what a person says and the voice tone he/she uses. It is a good way to make people like and trust a person.


Have you ever thought what a body language communicates to others about a person’s competence? Stripping off the fears with a positive body language can make a person feel the power to bring one’s full, spirited self to any difficult situation.

It improves your emotional intelligence:

People who master the art of good body language are the most successful and envied people on earth. It gives them the power to combine natural intelligence with emotional intelligence which can practically make them unstoppable.

It decreases cortisol:

A stress hormone manes cortisol is considered to create long-term negative effects and hampers performance of an individual. A positive body language decrease cortisol and minimizes stress. This helps them to perform better in complex situations.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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