$4M crisis fund raised by Google to support immigration

The debate over President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy has gone pretty strong. This seven-country immigration ban is facing a lot of criticism by the Tech companies. In order to support the employees who have been affected with this policy, CEOs and individuals of the companies are willing to risk retribution from federal government. Moreover various plans are being outlined by leading tech giants such as Google. The company has condemned the travel ban and is protesting that the barriers that will stop great talent from coming into the country.

Google has created its largest crisis campaign of $2 million that will be matched $2 million by its employees making it a total of $4 million. The fund is going to benefit four organizations namely the American Civil Liberates Union, UNHCR, Immigrant Legal Resource Centre, and International Rescue Committee. Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai stated that a fund in a memo was sent out to all staff on Sunday. Google on its own part has asked its employees to return to US in fear that the workers will be banned from entering.

The travel ban on citizens of seven countries left many people stranded on the airports over the weekend. It sparked widespread protest across US by people who considered this policy completely unfair. Silicon Valley CEOs have responded strongly to Trump’s immigration ban. Tech companies across the industry including Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and many others are raising their voice to condemn this new policy.