Samsung Galaxy may loose the headphone jack too

The South Korean manufacturer, Samsung is preparing to ditch the headphone jack on its future smartphone version Galaxy S8. The latest device will be released without an audio port. For charging and listening to music, the device will have a USB kind of C-port. But this C-port will be used for one thing at a time. Although the company has not confirmed but the new smartphone version is expected to be launched next year in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

It’s still not known that how the space from removed headphone jacks will be covered up. The company can use this space from battery’s perspectives and can increase its capacity. The upcoming Galaxy S8 will include a 2K Super AMOLED panel which will have the capacity to run with a 4K Display. For upgrading the performance and sharpness, the new screen will have the same resolution but will not have the PenTile layout.

With the previous disasters of its device explosions, Samsung needs to be very careful with all its future smartphone releases. This new device may not have a home button but along with numerous other features, Galaxy S8 is likely to have a revamped AI assistant and a pressure-sensitive screen.

Via: SamMobile

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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