Facebook adds HD video uploads on Android

For Facebook users getting a hand on the ability of uploading videos in HD resolutions wasn’t quick whereas its iOS counterparts have been using it over the past two years. It appears that Facebook has been testing this change over the past few weeks but now it has been finally made available to the audience as spotted by Android police for Android. In the app’s setting menu, this facility is available next to the option to upload photos in HD now.

It seems really strange that Facebook took so long for providing its Android users with this facility. It’s been ages that Android phones are coming with the power to shoot HD and 4K videos. But a good change is always accepted and the addition of HD video resolutions among the platform users has been warmly received.

Facebook is also testing its other features among a small group of users such as floating video windows which will be visible to users while they are busy with other applications, the ability to download videos for offline use, and the option for choosing a particular video quality.