Black Friday deal, $15 each for online class for these major courses

Some people dream of Black Friday all year long, relishing the moment when they can hit the stores. As Black Friday is just around the corner, online courses have also been placed on best deals. Many courses are being offered by Udemy that does not require people to make the early morning quest to grab the deals. The online courses offered range from learning foreign language, coding, to improving your writing or photography skills.

Following is the list of few of the courses that are available on Udemy but that are many others that can be found on the site.

An Entire MBA in one course:

This course is something that is described as an entire MBA course by a former Goldman Sachs employee. These are some of his previously taught lessons in the university course and have been illustrated in this one course. It explains macro and micro economics, how to value companies, and the basic work of investment banks and management consulting firms. The instructor of this course wants to make the student understand the importance of personal connections, professional presentation, and to clearly communicate ideas briefly.

Price: $15 $200 [95% off]

Complete Python Bootcamp:

With less focus on syntax than any other language, Python is the simplest language of all. It forms the basis to learn other languages such as C++ and JavaScript. Learning the course will enable the students to easily apply Python to the developing applications.

Price: $15 $195 [95% off]

Web Developer From Scratch:

This course can give a good start to people who want to learn web development. The instructor Victor Bastos explains the basics such as HTML and how to create a text page out of code. then all the technologies are explained that are necessary to develop and manage the web pages, front-end language such as JavaScript and back-end tools such as PHP  and MySQL>

Price: $15 $120 [92% off]

Become a Writer:

This course is a great help to people who want to improve their writing skills. This skill is advantageous regardless of any industry and is important for your daily writings.

Price: $15 $175 [94% off]

Learn to Code making Games:

This course is helpful for people who are not even familiar to the coding world. It makes students understand the code real games step-by-step with the help of unity 3D. This course can help you to know the process of getting a game from conception to completion. It teaches you to learn by doing instead of listening to boring lecture. It is the best way to create real Indie games along the way.

Price: $15 $195 {95% off]

Build Personal Brand:

In today’s world, personal branding is very important for taking your career forward. The New York Times best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuk is the instructor for this course and provides you good advices for creating a strong personal brand.

Price: $15 $100 [90% off]

iOS 10 Developer Course:

The skill to develop an app makes you more valuable in the eyes of the employers. This is a course that makes you understand how to work with Xcode 8 & Swift 3 and build 21 iOS apps. This course has an average rating of 4.7/5 stars and more than 25,000 students have already enrolled for it.

Price: $15 $200 [95% off]

Speed Demon:

This course teaches you some of the techniques that help you become more productive during your working time. You can learn multi-tasking, scheduling, and automate regular activities to do more in less time. Jonathan Levi is the instructor for this course who is an entrepreneur who started his first-million dollar business even before he acquired his undergraduate degree.

Price: $15 $95 [89% off]

Java Script:

This course is really helpful in making you understand Java Script and to get you a job that you most desire. The course provides clarity to different aspects of the programming language and makes you overcome those hurdles that even experienced coders fail to solve sometimes.  Anthony Alicea, a software developer, is the instructor of the course and proved a lot of interactive material with 85 lectures and more than 11 hours of video training to the students.

Price: $15 $175 [94% off]

Mini Habit Mastery:

This course provides some of the tried and true techniques to help you change your bad habits with good ones.

Price: $15 $150 [93% off]

Become a Photographer:

Photography is not a hobby anymore; innovations in technology have helped talented people to turn their hobby into their full-time careers. This course helps people to start their freelance photography business by understanding some of the key points of this art from shooting till editing. 43,000 students have already enrolled for this course and it has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Price; $15 $200 [95% off]

The Excel Programmer Course:

People with a little understanding of Excel are more suitable for this program. It teaches them to make spreadsheets more productive for their work. The course explains working with VBA, the coding language of Excel in order to create your own Macros and set up automations.

Price: $15 $80 [88% off]

Career Hacking:

Building a strong resume, cover letter, networking, and understanding the basics of interviewing process are the key factors on which your future job depends. This course helps to understand all topics ranging from writing keyword-rich and targeted resumes to preparing for interview.

Price: $15 $75 [87% off]

Via: Business Insider



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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