9 handy Skills to have on your resume

Even if you are well qualified and meet all requirements for the newly offered job, it might not be a perfect shoo-in. Sometimes even talented people find themselves upended with the job listings because few of the people have skills that make them stand apart from the mainstream.

Landing a job does not all rest on your easy to read or free of typos resumes, it also depends upon the few unique skills that other people might not have. These skills help you become one of the demanded candidates in the market.

Following are the few skills that can help you stand out from the crowd and get selected for the job in no time.

Adobe Photoshop:

An incredibly powerful program, Adobe Photoshop helps professionals with image manipulations and adjustments. It is the most important tool to get the job done either to design website layout or product images. The courses available online can help you a lot regarding the details of this skill.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is extremely important for finance experts who spend most of their rime analyzing and entering information. It is crucial to know every move regarding this skill. This skill makes experts know formulas and VBA work.

Foreign languages:

Being a bilingual is always beneficial; it gives you priority over other people. Spanish and French are two very important languages to learn besides English. People who know these languages are considered more desirable for the job.

Web Development:

It is another very important skill to learn. It gives you an edge over other careers even other than tech. web development includes knowledge of the basic fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This skill is a must for all the people who want to find a job in this industry.


Learning WordPress gives a good start to beginners. It is important for everyone who wants to know the working of websites. Although it is a basic learning program but forms the basis for further learning.

Public Speaking:

Being a public speaker can be a great blessing but not everyone has the courage to stand and speak in front of a large audience. Speaking publically with confidence is an art and can be learnt through various sources.


SEO- search engine optimization is a great tool for adding in resumes. It makes the website easy for users as well as search engine robots to understand. Because of its effectiveness, SEO has become the most widely adopted marketing strategy.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics is beneficial for recording and analyzing the results. This understanding can make a person learn more about the websites demographics. It is the most powerful tool to monitor traffic on a website. It makes information available about who visited the website, what they look up for, and how they reached a website.

Product Management:

Product management involves dealing with planning, production, and marketing of the products at all stages. It may also include product development and development marketing which can be helpful for increasing the revenues. Therefore this is extremely important for creating a successful product.

Via: Business Insider