3 Body language tricks to appear stronger

Strong body language helps the transmitting messages to be more effective. This element in communication gives clues about the character, reactions, and emotions of an individual. It is a secret that enables successful personal relationships and works as a key to manage other individuals.

In order to establish better relationships with others, the best way to start is to treat people with respect and perform your work with full honesty. Then there are few tricks that can help a person to appear more strong and powerful in front of other people. These tips can be adopted by bosses and owners to give a strong personality impression to their colleagues.

1. Straight posture:

Our posture is something we mostly ignore but it makes a big difference to our personality. It not only makes a good impression in front of employees but also makes us feel more confident. According to Northwestern University study, a person’s mood is strongly linked with his/her posture. A straight posture depicts happy mood of the boss whereas slouched shoulders indicate the trapped situation.

2. Lean Back:

To lean back on your chair gives an impression of a projecting high power. It actually symbolizes that you have the power for decision-making and better analyzing the situation.

3. Steeple position of hands:

This simple gesture when the tips of your fingers touch altogether, make you look more confident and in control. It is a good way to impress a person or an audience.

Via: Business Insider




Written by Hisham Sarwar


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