is giving away free gifts

Serving millions of servers every month, receives 70% of the traffic within Pakistan and the rest of it from US, India, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. The performance of this website has generated a lot of user’s interest and has made it pretty popular among the audience.

The website made it possible to use YouTube APIs in order to create a proxy service when it was blocked in the country. This technique erased the need to download the videos first on one’s computer and made it easy to upload videos from YouTube to Facebook.

By looking at the overwhelming response of its customers, is now providing something for people to crave for. It is giving the opportunity to win an Android phone by simply doing what the users actually use the website for i.e. download and share. Their chances to win will increase with the number of video content they will share and download. The process require users to follow these three easy steps,

Simply Login to

Then watch, download and share the videos. For every category users will get different points such as

Watch = 1 entry

Download = 5 entries

Share = 10 entries

The more of each step will increase the number of entries. Users can have a look at their entries any time they want.

Wait for the end results

Terms and Conditions:

Following the steps to get started for the opportunity to win an Android phone, there are also some terms and conditions to keep in mind.

Maximum of 16 entries can be made by a user for example a single video watched, downloaded, and shared will help them secure 16 entries on the whole. One video can only be used once for the process.

For selecting the winner of the competition, there will be a draw at the end. The chances of winning will be greater for users with maximum entries.

Winner will be announced on the’s Facebook page therefore in order to claim for the prize, viewers will have to stay connected.

To learn more, see their page

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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