Facebook’s new camera feature is another snapchat clone

We must remember that Facebook’s attempts to copy Snapchat features are associated to the fact that it wanted to buy the platform. It had offered $3 billion in a failed bid to purchase the company in 2013. Although Facebook failed to buy Snapchat but now the social networking giant is doing its best to copy it as much as it can.

The social networking giant Facebook has been trying for so long to copy Snapchat that it has become a kind of a gag in the tech spheres. The reason is that few of the Snapchats’s features are so appealing to the younger audience. The imitation of Snapchat’s features is not something new; Facebook has tried this before.

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This time Facebook has copied Snapchat for its mask and photo effects feature for still photographs and videos. Facebook will be providing more face swaps on the user’s platform’s feed but it is currently being tested in Ireland only.

Not just the filters but the time limitation has also become made a part of the new feature i.e. unless someone makes a comments on the photos or videos, the content will automatically disappear within 24 hours. The camera icon will now be placed onto the top left of the main app so that users can start using it.

Prisma is another thing that is being copied by Facebook. During the Olympics, Facebook allowed its users to use face-paint in the colors of their country. Recently, it has made another interesting feature available for Halloween by allowing users to choose masks for their live videos.

Via: Tech Crunch