Facebook Introduces Standalone Events App

Communication and sharing being the biggest reason behind Facebook’s own evolution never let it stops developing apps that can improve channels of communication. Facebook’s “Event app” is its recent development regarding its information sharing expertise. In USA, this app has been launched in iOS and is soon expected to be a part of Android system.

Events app is developed to emphasis solely on its event feature and the users are not going to be compelled to switch as with Messenger. By looking at the growing number of people who remain on the hunch for parties and meet ups, Facebook has decided to dedicate this special app to them. Users can browse and search for the events going nearby and stay connected with their friends and family.

According to the app’s product manager Aditya Koolwal, the basic idea behind this app is to develop something that keep people informed about the events around them so that they can enjoy their precious moments. The company is still in the process of figuring out how to make this app different from others and to find out what works the best with the users so that it can be made a permanent part of the app.

Events App can help broaden up the spectrum for Facebook’s platform as promoters will be ready to pay more to reach their respective audience. The company wants to make this app a most attributed solution when it comes to attending social, cultural, and professional events. Events are the best place for people to meet new friends and take photographs that eventually become a part of the Facebook network. This will eventually help the platform to grow rapidly.

This Events app is not a new feature; it was originally launched in 2005 on Facebook. It remained neglected till 2011 when the company focused on other local happenings. But by 2015, after redesigns and recommendation the app hit 450 million Events users and in this the company started to offer “Featured Events” in the major cities. The company ran trials in six different cities across US in order to know the preferences of people using the app. It came up with user’s requirements of easy browse ability, strong research, and an easy way to know about the upcoming events.


For getting started with the Events app, you will have to find out which events you have been invited to or RSVP’d to that day. By scrolling down to the page, you will be provided with a list of events that according to Facebook can be of your interest. You can be informed about the events based on the preferred events of your friends, your location, your interest, as well the page you have liked on the platform.

You can browse on the current events by tapping tiles in the search tab. You will be provided a whole map to see the events according to their location. The search feature also helps you to choose certain elements for specific events such as day, time, and genre.

With calendar feature, the app will help you see all your appointments with your iPhone calendar. You can do that to calendars too such as if you pull up a Google’s calendar to your phone then sync it to Facebook and know about all the appointments. The Apps manager Koolwal stated that the team wanted to create a separate calendar for this purpose so that people can easily browse but it wasn’t possible. Facebook is the pioneer of the world’s incessant social media usage. It has now improved its services for people to encourage them to get more involved into events that are happening around them then just sticking to their computer screens.

Via: Tech Crunch