The story of a young entrepreneur who dropped out of university to pursue his dreams


Being a passionate person from the very beginning, Umair Ehsan always wanted to do something different. He was not content on just being an average student. When he was 23 he did just that, something that not a lot of people do. He left university to become a full time entrepreneur.

In his 3rd year in The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Fast University) Lahore, he decided that he didn’t want to continue studying as he felt the practical application side of things still missing from the university education.  Instead he wanted to open up his own company and pursue his own dreams. After leaving university and  doing some freelancing work, he did just that. Together with his brothers Shaharyar and Saad, he came up with a brand new idea and opened Aitomation.

Aitomation, a wordplay on AI “artificial intelligence” and automation is the first robotic process automation company of Pakistan. The company has the potential of automating repetitive and redundant tasks. Aitomation in essence can mimic the tasks done by a human. The bots that Aitomation provides can do the exact same thing as any human can do on the computer. Aitomation claims to reduce your costs by 35% in any repetitive tasks. With this huge value proposition, the company has already achieved massive amounts of traction and is fast growing.

The company is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Even in the world just eight big automation companies exists. Although the trend is fast increasing and one thousand more companies are expected to open up in the coming three years. According to Umair the CEO of the company, the whole automation industry will increase at exponential rates in the coming years. Umair says automation and bots will be the biggest trend in the world in the next 15 years.

There is one downside to the automation though Umair says. Some people especially whose work relies on data entry and repetitive natured tasks. It is estimated according to studies, a total of about 10 million jobs will be lost directly due to automation in the next 7-10 years. Mostly in Business process outsourcing sector in India.

Umair is hopeful though that automation will not just lead to job loss but improve productivity of individual by helping him/her achieve the maximum amount of efficiency.

“One has to think differently, you can’t be afraid of change and things becoming more efficient”

You have to understand that ever since the industrial revolution and probably before as well, automation has helped serve the society for the better not for the worst”

Umair expects Aitomation to be one of the leading companies in Pakistan in the coming 5 years. Is this startup going to make a good name for themselves and Pakistan?. Only time will tell.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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