Linkedin to launch Linkedin Lite and Online Job Replacement Tests in India

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Over the past decade, LinkedIn’s popularity has skyrocketed and its growth is showing no signs of slowing down. The company has rolled out a number of new features which has brought it where it is today. Despite the LinkedIn’s wait for the close of its $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft, it is continuing to build out its business on a bigger level.

Recently LinkedIn has announced that it has exceeded 100 million users in Asia Pacific. With 37 million users in India, LinkedIn is looking at its market with more future prospects. It has rolled out three of its products in India which aims to get more users to use their website.

LinkedIn aims to release LinkedIn Lite which is its pared-down mobile version. The basic purpose of the LinkedIn Lite is to operate with lower-end handsets and with the ones that are accessing the site with limited or costly mobile data services.

LinkedIn Lite:

Recently an event took place in Delhi, where the CEO of the company announced that LinkedIn Lite will be soon rolled out in the country. The LinkedIn Lite version has less of the extra graphics to download much faster as compared to LinkedIn’s basic mobile website which is ofcourse graphic rich. According to the company, the homepage of the LinkedIn Lite takes only up to 150 KB of data and other pages up to 70KB. It seems that turning on to Linkedin Lite version is not difficult; it can easily be turned on by defaults in situation. The URL is LinkedIn’s basic

India’s market is the world’s second largest smartphone market after China. Majority of the population in this country use more mobile phones as compared to PCs for accessing the internet. LinkedIn Lite has been introduced much later in the market for increasing the number of users in India; the internet there is much expensive for average users and also suffers weak or poor connectivity.

In India, many of the social networking platforms have worked many ways to increase the number of users for their platform. That includes Facebook that has pared-down versions of its own social network in order to develop itself in the India’s emerging market. In 2015, it introduced Facebook Lite along with Zero, a text-only version in 2010. Twitter also took initiatives to introduce lighter versions that were specifically aimed for India’s growing market.

LinkedIn Placements:

Another Service that has been launched by the company is LinkedIn Placements. It is aimed to help users with job placements by providing them with online tests.

LinkedIn Placement is a more practical approach for people who are searching for jobs. The company has developed an app that can actually benefit people in real lives. LinkedIn has collaborated with HackerRank, Aspiring Minds, Co-cubes, and Wheebox to develop an online test for its users.

This test will enable users to test their skills and know about the best job options for them. This will give them an idea of their capabilities so that the users can precede further with the usual job process involving job interviews, references etc. On LinkedIn Placements, there are currently 50 jobs that are available in areas such as software development, marketing, and finance.

LinkedIn Placements is part of the company’s development plans for future. It aims to grow its business by touching areas of online education services which will help boost its various segments. According to Weiner, LinkedIn has the potential to influence the “economic graph” of the society.

The LinkedIn Placement will encourage users to get more involved with the LinkedIn Company. The app allows the users to fill their own profile on the website or update it before taking the online test. This user information will enable LinkedIn to get more accurate data about its users.

Currently, LinkedIn is inspiring all the job-seekers to opt for the Placement app for finding best job posts. It is also encouraging the businesses to place their ads on the platform so that it becomes easy to bring along skilled individuals and job positions.



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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