Google’s Introduces Amazing App For Modern Tourists

For tourists, planning vacations is actually the most stressful part. But now this has been taken care of by Google’s new Trip App. There is no more need to spend long hours in conversation with the travel guides. For anyone who is a constant explorer of new locations, this app is an amazing tool. It is the best digital travel guide you can ever have.

This app is very easy to use. You can simply chose the location which you wish to travel, download the guide for using the app for using it offline and you can start off with your vacation planning. This app also helps you to know about the flight routes as well as hotel reservations for your stay.


This app gives you information about the top 200 hundred cities around the world. These are based for the locations that are the most attracted tourist resorts. But if you want to visit a place that is not present in the list, you can tap the ‘+’ button on the ‘day plan’ to choose a location you want to visit. Google Trip App will provide with an organized map.

This app can also provide you information on the nearby sights which you can visit when you have free time. You do not need to spend time on searching for that because the app will do it for you.

The Trip guide is actually in the form of various segments such as

Getting Around:

This section will provide you with the information of the best ways to leave the airport after your flight lands, which public transport or taxi to use, and also about the rental choices.

Things to do:

This is the segment that will guide you about the famous spots of the visited location; it will provide you with the best possible suggestion and will inform you about the ongoing events in the area.

Farther Away:

This section will guide you if you want to stretch your travelling a bit more from the planned area.

Many other sections are also included in order to provide you full information regarding your visited location. Google Trip App is actually the app where you can find all the information that is required for planning out your vacations. By getting all the information at hand, you also get encouraged to discover new areas even in your own city.

You can download the app for Android and iOS.