Apple Must Thank Samsung

The rumours about iPhone 7 are in the air as Apple has a Press Conference on September 7. Reports have predicted that it will be not be something different. For the next iPhone, Apple is planning to keep the design simple. The features of iPhone 7 are not expected to be any different; it will have a larger camera, redesigned antenna lines, and no headphone jack. But it will be similar looking as the previous two models of the iPhones.

Samsung on the other hand released the Galaxy Note 7 with the start of this fall; the phone got a lot of praise and hype for its great features like water resistance and wireless charging. But this has growing momentum of the phone came to a halt when after few weeks of glowing reviews, the users of the Note 7 started reporting the batteries exploding.

It leads the Samsung team to stop further selling of their product. They have to look into the matter and will try to resolve the issues that are causing battery explosions. And this is not a small sale Samsung is talking about; it’s about 2.5 million devices so far.

This has appeared as a good time for Apple to announce the launch of iPhone 7 on Wednesday in San Francisco. The launch of iPhone 7 at these timings is a big blow to the Samsung’s all praised Note 7. It has knocked all the wind out of the multi featured Note 7. Now all the “boring iPhone 7” claims are supposed to subside as a working iPhone is much preferred than a Samsung that explodes on you.

Even after the fixes are made in Samsung Note 7, it will remain a doubted purchase by many people.

So someone truly said once,

“One man’s loss is another man’s gain”.

And Apple is going to truly benefit from that.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)