Want to be an iOS developer? Here is how you can do it.


Mimo is a platform that helps you to make your futile moments useful by learning something really meaningful in an entertaining way. This is the reason that it has established a new iPad app Swift Playgrounds. This app aims to teach everyone the process of coding on mobile devices.

Mimo is focusing on teaching the computer knowledge in the form of small sections so that it can easily be understood in the shortest possible time. This app helps you to get acquainted with the coding knowledge along with your daily routine work such as while commuting to your college, wait for an appointment, or the spare time between your classes.

The process:

The lesson starts with a short sentence, a code snippet to interact with and also displays a motivational feedback every time you collaborate. The app is in the form of a game in which the players proceed with the advancing levels, they collect points, badges and other achievements.


There are some introductory courses for users who are just starting to learn the process of coding. Whereas users who are familiar with coding knowledge, can learn some advanced courses such as for C#, C++, JavaScript’s, Swift, Python, Ruby, Java, HTML, CSS and SQL. The company plans to expand the learning area with the passage of time and add new courses in this section. It plans to teach users about hacking, R, Raspberry Pi and Terminal, machine learning etc.

The idea behind Mimo:

The basic inspiration behind Mimo is the Johannes Berger (CEO), Henery Ameseder (COO), Dennis Daume (CTO), and Lorenz Schimik (CPO). These are the people with technical backgrounds except Ameseder. This team has been working together since they developed Swiftly during their university days. This project landed them with $100,000 because of the million downloads from the platform.

This encouraged them with the idea for teaching learn-to-code through mobile application to the people who do not have long hours to dedicate to learning of computer knowledge. They considered it a good way to allocate one’s spare time for a productive purpose.

According to Ameseder,

“With Mimo, we wanted to build something that allows us to utilize these moments for something fun and meaningful. If you assumption prove right, most people will use Mimo on the go—during train rides, waits, and other moments they have on regular basis”.

App to the class rooms:

Young adults, ages between 18 and 35, are benefiting with this iPhone app to learn coding. But Ameseder stated that this app is also being utilized by younger children around 8 years of age. Universities such as Yale are showing interest for this learning opportunity and the team aims to take it to the classrooms in the near future.


Mimo’s inspiring team has high aims regarding the expansion of this project. They aim to teach many other subjects such as entrepreneurship, test prep, math, finance etc. along with the present topics.

This mobile app can be downloaded for free through the App Store which includes two complete courses that are offered for free. But for further subscription, you will have to pay $49.9 per annum in order to benefit from all the courses that are being offered or which are expected to be added in the coming days.

You can download the IOS app here



Written by Hisham Sarwar


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