Searching for a job is not always a pleasant experience. Are you making these mistakes when searching for a job?

For some people, the pain comes from just sitting in the same positions for hours. For some, it comes with repeated motions. The mental pain that comes from making mistakes during a job search falls in the second category.

If you have been searching for a job for a while, the whole process seems discouraging and disappointing. Especially when you make the same mistakes again and again it is like you are drowning in deep sea of negativity. Jobseekers usually face this rough experience and the result is that they end up in frustration and depression.

But this happens when people commit same mistakes while searching for their job and these are not any bigger mistakes that cannot be avoided. These seemingly unimportant common mistakes actually can help you to focus your attention on finding the best job opportunities.

Casual job search:

Searching for a job cannot be taken as something unimportant. Making a productive job search is a kind of part-time job itself. It needs to be taken seriously so that you can find the job of your choice. The best way is to dedicate an hour on daily basis for this purpose to search the most suitable job for yourself.

Cast a wider net:

Searching for a job is a grueling process that fills us with anxiety and stress especially when despite all our efforts, we remain unemployed. This happens usually because when we limit our job search to few applications. The best way is to search for a job on bigger level, your friends, family, friends of friends etc. can be approached for this purpose.

Typos on your resumes:

Typos are one of the first items on any list of resumes. It is most important not to make any typos of spelling mistakes. Such resumes look unprofessional and employer will not spend even a second in rejecting your application.

Lie on your resume on your own risk:

Hiring managers have spent years in reaching to this level. Their single question is enough to catch you out on a lie. The end result will be embarrassment, losing the opportunity to get hired and damaging your reputation for ever.

Sending unsolicited resumes:

If you are applying for a job opportunity, it is better to apply for a position that you know is open and available. Regardless of how great your cover letter is, unsolicited resumes have an absolute chance of getting rejected.

Customize your resume:

Sending the same resume for every job is an exercise that ends up in futility. It is better to customize your resume as if it is addressed to a specific reader, it will increase your chances of scoring greater points for that job. A customize resume emphasizes your strengths.


While networking, it is best to listen to the other party and talk only when you are asked for explaining something.

Including hobbies:

Do not mention your hobbies that are not related with your job. Hobbies that are not linked with the job are not of any interest to hiring managers. Therefore instead of wasting space on resume for mentioning such hobbies, put that space to better use.

Follow instructions:

It is better to apply for a job with the instructions that are provided in job ads. Such people who do not carefully read the job ads usually get thrown out of the list of getting hired.

Professional appearance:

Appearing professional is not just limited to interviews, you must present yourself as a professional even when you are applying for a job. Keep all your profiles and email addresses in a professional and decent manner.

Know your market value:

With the increasing usability of internet, it has now become very easy to know the value of your skills. Have a complete idea of how much your skill is worth so that you can argue for your pay scale if a situation of compensation arises.

Being unprepared for job interview:

Job interview is a chance to make a first killer impression which proves the hiring manager that you are the best suited for that job. But some of the people do not prepares for the interview properly and make their qualifications and skills feel incompetent.

Be on time for interview:

Always try your best to reach for an interview on time. It is better if you reach a few minutes before the exact timing, it will reduce the chanced of any unforeseen events that might occur on the way resulting in getting you late.

Stay active with your networks:

Your networking can play an important role in getting you a job of your choice. Actively participate in your groups, professional associations, and events.

Follow up:

Always stay in touch with your job applications, do not just rely on the other party to call or email you. Call or email yourself to check on the status of your job application.

Stay well informed:

In order to get a job of your choice, you will have to make efforts. Make a list of all the important companies for whose jobs you dream of having. Stay well informed when job postings are listed by such companies and apply for job as soon as you see the ads. Hearing late about the job will be like sleeping at the time of your golden opportunity.

Word to the wise:

Always show enthusiasm for the job you are applying for. Show in context what excited you for the job and it will make you an asset for the organization.

The hiring managers expect you to be an adult and act like an adult. They want to see if you stay calm under pressure and how to handle stressful situations. Therefore with all your skills and qualifications, it is better to give them an impression through your manners that you are the best for to handle the real office environment. These are the ways you can make your job search more productive instead of ending up in frustration and anxiety for not getting the results you want.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)