Sam Ovens, 26 years old university dropout, made $10 million from consulting business


“Underneath every mistake in business is a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs miss these lessons because they lament and blame others over the mistakes”. Ajaero Tony Martins

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit for work, you look at job opportunities a little differently than average job seekers. This different perspective makes people successful in their lives and run on a well-defined career path.

Sam Ovens, is one of the entrepreneurs who gave up his nine-to-five job and carried on to pursue his passion. He moved to his parent’s house and started his business in their garage. After nine months of hard work and spending all of his finances, Oven’s first business failed miserably. He similarly faced massive failures with the other two businesses. He saw many failures before accomplishing his dreams. But he improved his strategies with every setback.

He observed his mistakes in every business and they became his creative ally for developing a leadership perspective. His traits for entrepreneur ship encouraged him to take the plunge to start his business for the fourth time. This time he established a business consulting firm.

This time his business didn’t became a daunting process, his persistence and hard work lead him to a successful start. He made more than $10 million after four years of the launch of his consulting firm.

Now his business is no longer located in his parent’s garage, he has sifted it to a proper office. Sam Ovens didn’t fear the factors that discouraged him from starting a business. Today his company has 2,000 clients in 16 different countries.

He gives the following advice for the people, who wanted to start their own business,

Build your brand first:

Building a personal brand has several key benefits for entrepreneurs. It helps them to give their business credibility. Your personal brand identifies you with a specific area of understanding and expertise. It reflects who you are and connects you with other people. According to Ovens,

“If people know and trust you and your personal brand, they’re more likely to trust your new business”.

Never stop learning:

Learning is one of the best things in life; there are always new skills to learn and techniques to adopt. Most successful people in the world do not act as they know everything, they always believe in the fact that they have to continuously learn to be successful.

“Thanks to the huge availability of information these days, any entrepreneur can teach him or herself just about anything. I read hundreds of books and taught myself all about marketing, sales, accounting strategy-even personal development methods. I knew that I needed to understand all of this if I wanted my business to grow”.

Monetize your networks:

A business network does not depend on how many people are familiar with your name; it is actually about how many customers they can send you to help you advance with your career. So entrepreneurs should not lose their touch with their networks of contacts, because they are likely to miss out on some of the very big opportunities.

According to Ovens,

“When you are first starting out, don’t forget about your personal network of friends and family. You might be surprised how many potential clients already exist within your immediate sphere”.

For living your life to the fullest, you must look for ways that could help you improve your life. Your struggles for your business outside the comfort-zone can help you to achieve your career goals.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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