Our Schools create workers not entrepreneurs.

Before you read my article, let me clarify. I have nothing against our schooling system, it surely has produced some great Doctors, Engineers, IT experts and few scientists too.
The problem is, our typical school system does not produces entrepreneurs and in new age, for a country to grow it needs to have entrepreneurs to sail the ship forward and compete with the rest of the world.
I think it is high-time we should change our schooling system, it creates workers not entrepreneurs. The fundamentals of entrepreneurship such as decision making, risk and thinking out of box by trying to find a solution of a problem is never taught at school. Perhaps there is a need of introduction of entrepreneurship at school level in a form of a mandatory subject?.
In last two decades, world has changed, the human labor is quickly replaced by robots, machines in major industries like automobile, shipping, cargo and avionics. The number of user on internet is almost 3 times more then what it was just 5 years ago all over the world. There are self driving cars, there will be self flying airplanes in the future as well.
It seems like the whole word’s business/education paradigms are changed in last few years but in Pakistan, we are following the same syllabus for decades in our schools and there is no sign of change yet.
The entrepreneurs, technology innovators like Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs laid the foundation of the services which has consumer base all over the world, the revenue fetched from their ventures helps their country in short/long run.
Being Guru recently covered Abdul Wali, for some reasons he could not never go to school but learned computers and English language to change his destiny.
Entrepreneurs not only provide a solution to a problem but also generate jobs, they empoyer more people in the society. Take the latest twin cities internet services provider sensation “NayaTel“. Founded in 2004, the ISP has generated thousands of jobs within a decade. Same goes for Pakistan’s tech giant “Netsol Technologies“, 1st Pakistani company listed in NASDAQ. There are many more to the list but I want to get to the point.
The counter argument here could be, the Entrepreneurs are produced from the same school system. Yes, that is correct but the problem here is they are only handful in numbers and honestly speaking, the family support, their personal skills to jump into business should not be factored out in the equation here.
By introducing Entrepreneurship in schools, we can secure our future. Get in the race to compete with other countries and take Pakistan forward to the new heights of recognition. A recognition based on achievements from different walks of life.
With the following statement, I will put my case to rest.
“There are thousands of graduates from colleges and universities all over Pakistan every year. Do all get jobs?”.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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