The Book Which Explains Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella’s Innovating Thinking

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is always in full control of the time he spends in a day. He tracks the time spend on his activity by using a software dashboard. This let’s him monitor his activity as he has successfully introduced new culture in the organization.

“I felt that one of the things that we should make sure we do for ourselves is to give people a sense for how are they spending their time so that they can then be more in control,”

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft CEO thinks of “time” as by far the most important thing we all have.

“The thing that I most love to see is the amount of time I spend with people outside Microsoft versus inside. The other thing that I love looking at is how much time am I spending in meetings versus what I would call ‘focused time’. You absolutely need to be in meetings, because, after all, you don’t do a CEO’s job by locking yourself in your room. But at the same time, there’s got to be a right balance.”

Using his disciplinary vision, Mr. Satya has introduced a smart learning culture at Microsoft.

Under his leader ship since Feb, 2014, Microsoft is really on a roll. Do you want to know how Microsoft’s chief has shifted company’s focus from computers to cloud based and steered a learning culture at Microsoft?

Well, he recently talked about the book he likes “Mindset“. In the book there is a very simple concept Carol Dweck has put forward. She says, if you take two people, one of them is learn it all and other one is know it all, the learn it all will always win over know it all in the long run.

Inspired by Mr. Satya’s choice of book, I searched online for Carol and found some inspiring links about her work. I suggest watching this TED talk. The book “Mindset” is about a simple idea that makes all the difference. She talks about a growth mindset that created motivation and productivity in difference fields.

Well one thing is for sure, you can’t achieve anything substantially unless you keep an eye on the clock. After all, time is money

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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