Free Simple Online HR Tools For Everyone

In the real world, hiring an employee is a more complicated process then it seems. It requires a proper method and a mature understanding for hiring an employee. Everything needs to be planned to get the employee who is best suited for a company.

In the digital world, there exist software systems to help you with strategies that best suit your business and can be accessed through devices connected to internet. They provide all the techniques for the user to operate in the digital environment.

Here is a list of the HR tools that are available online


Bitrix24 is an online network that provides easier, faster and most efficient collaboration and you can keep you employees engaged through immediate feedbacks and sharing of ideas. It provides coordination from personal ToDos to complex projects. It is available free of cost for video conferencing and group chats.

Scheduling your staff was never that easy before, is an online app that helps you balance work of your staff with ease. Limited to 75 employees, this app helps you to reach to your workers to get them signed up and confirm their shifts through patent-pending technology.

Used by more than 160,000 people, is an app that work as a status updater for you and your team. It provides daily updates, keep the whole team on task and eliminate the issue of employees remaining unaddressed. It is a kind of magic that tells you that what your employees are up to and is completely free.

For invoicing and accounting of your business, you need to be organized with It helps you keep your transactions up to date through professional reports and insights. You can set up your account instantly and can pay your employees easily.


It is cloud based social HR software that helps to simplify tasks for you and your company. It is used by 15,000 companies over 193 states because it bridges the gap between human resource management and information technology. It features by being cost effective, user friendly. It provides online job portal, documents managements, report generator, employees self-service and many other unique features.




Written by Hisham Sarwar

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