Employees should ask themselves these SIX questions before working from home

Working from home is something we all dream of, being able to work our own hours and enjoy the freedom of what we want to do. For most of the office workers, working from home seems like a heaven. Trapped in a cubical office, they feel frustrated. They imagine freedom as the best fit to use time and work as much as they want.

According to the research of WorldatWork and Flexjobs, around 80% of the organizations offer flexible hours to their workers. Most of the companies offer remote-working opportunities. These organizations and companies also provide their workers to telework. These offers are available to a limited extent and employers are hired on temporary basis. Studies have shown that there is no difference in productivity among office workers and teleworkers.

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These opportunities are best for people who want to work from home. But one must be aware of the fact that working from home sounds fun and interesting but it actually requires self-discipline. Therefore prepare yourself before taking the decision to work from home.

The remote working culture has the lure of freedom and flexibility to work with innovative and impactful companies. You can go global with your skills and do successful working as a virtual employee but along with freedom, also comes the burden of a greater responsibility.

According to Scott Boyar, an associate professor in the department of management, information systems and quantitative methods at the University of Alabama at Birmingham,

“An organization has a lot of responsibility when letting workers go virtual; but the employee carries a lot of it too”.

Questions to consider before start working remotely:

Anyone who decides to work from home must consider these factors before transitioning to remote work.

  1. Can I work with little or no supervision?
  2. Can spending time alone help me to be productive and happier?
  3. Am I self-disciplined and self-motivated?
  4. Am I comfortable to interact with my colleagues through emails, video conferencing, chats etc. as compared to face to face discussions?
  5. How do I feel about my working place?
  6. How do I feel about work/life balance?

If you are confident with your answers then it means telecommuting is a good choice for you.

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Benefits of telecommuting:

Although working from home creates very blurred lines between personal life and work life but it is has many benefits as well. You need to set your boundaries yourself and it will keep you happy. Working remotely provides you with an amazing experience and gives you the opportunity to work with people around the globe.

Working from home has its own perks, you save a lot of time due to lack of commute to the office. You can use this time to work on your side projects along with working on projects for your company. Create your workplace at home where you love to spend most of your time. Get inspirations from Pinterest and create a space that is away from distractions and accommodates your project files. Spice up the place with interesting color combinations.

A combination of working from home and in the office throughout the week is also an ideal situation for any employer. The flexibility of working in a stress free environment allows the employee to work freely and happily. The results of this freedom if utilized properly result in better and greater productivity because employees appear more available to the company.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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