Social Media Use in the world – Total active accounts on top social sites in all regions compered to the population..

Use of social media

Just as internet has changed the way people make purchases, it has also changed the way people interact with each other. Social media has increased the online activity through sharing of photos, videos, news, blogs etc. It has also enabled governments, organizations, and companies to interact with a larger group of people internationally.

A number of factors have contributed to the increased growth of social media such as the provision of improved software tools, availability of broadband, and the development of highly powerful computer devices. Our younger generation has taken up social media platforms at a faster rate, this is the reason computers, and smart devices are increasingly becoming more affordable than ever before.

2016 Social Media Stats Update:

Latest statistics during the year 2016 give us an insight on the digital consumer behavior and the world of social media.

North America:

Social media sites have the largest portion of users in North America representing 59% of usage in the overall internet use around the world.

Central America:

The consumption of internet through the use of social media platform accounts for 40% of the overall usage.

South America:

According to sources, the use of social media platforms by South America accounts about 50%.

West Europe:

Social media network penetration in Western Europe accounts 48% of the total usage and is expected that more than half the population will be using social media by 2019.

East Europe:

The usage of social media networks is almost 45% of the total internet usage.

Central Asia:

Because of political instability as compared to other countries, social media usage in Central Asia is comparatively low. It accounts only 6% in the year 2016 although governments are now realizing the importance of social media and are focusing more on its usage.

East Asia:

The social media usage in 2016 takes up 48% in East Asia. It is regarded amongst the highest social networking usage in Asia.

Middle East:

In Middle East, social media has become the popular way of learning the latest happenings and events in the world. The use of social media is continuously increasing and accounted 26% of the total social media usage in 2016.

South Asia:

It accounts 11% of the total social media usage.


Social media seems to be unfolding in various cities of Africa and its usage is expected to increase over time. During 2016, social media usage accounted 11% in the country.

Southeast Asia:

The power of social media is influencing the Asian market and this is the reason that during 2016, the internet usage is recorded 37%.


The most used social media platform in Oceania is Facebook, after which comes Pinterest and Twitter. It accounts for about 45% of the total internet usage.


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