Digital Society

Information technology is increasingly getting a central role in worldwide economy and now digitization prevails in all areas of individual’s lives. Currently private companies are handling this digital society therefore it has the potential for further progression by keeping societal interest in mind.

Digitization in the society has prepared people to keep pace with the changing technology by getting equipped with the arising challenges. It keeps people motivated to achieve high level of qualification so that they can easily enter the world of technical work.

Opportunities for Youth:

Societies and government’s focus most of their resources to prepare the young generation for future. A digital society does everything to support the young lot by providing them skills for employment opportunities. It provides them with courses and training so that they can easily access the online labor market. In order to make them well-integrated in the society, it’s important that technology facilitates them with a chance to stand on their own feet and live a happy life. Government is also responsible for refreshing and upgrading the technical qualifications for young people as it acts as the best insurance policy for unemployment. With the help of efficient resources, technology has combined the products and services in the form of “smart object”. These products are being produced in a much lesser time with fewer finances and are more efficient in their working.

Opportunities for disabled individuals:

Modern information technology has created enormous gains in productivity thus offering new opportunities to companies and their employees. Barriers to getting employment in today’s world have been reduced to a much lower extent for the physically disabled people. The jobs that required dangerous and physical work by man in the past are now being efficiently done by machines. This has motivated the previously excluded disabled people to support themselves and compete with the other individuals with the same confidence. Freelancing is the best example of such work as it helps to combine work and personal life and provides personal development with greater freedom. The growing digital society has allowed people from every walk of life to benefit from the web and to achieve better quality of life.

Risks involved in Digitization:

Along with numerous benefits of the digitization of the society, there are some risks that are involved. These are,
1. The increasing use of machines is resulting into lack of intellectual as well as physical abilities of the individuals.
2. Data is getting concentrated into the control of few authorities.
3. An increase in the opportunities to work is also increasing the stress levels for the people.
4. The continuous explosion of jobs is blurring boundaries between work and private life.
5. With increasing access of technology by the developed world and lack of such opportunities to the developing world is creating a digital divide among the nations.

Government’s Role:

Technology alone cannot help us to face challenges of such problems; it is the responsibility of the state and organizations to come up with innovative ideas to find better solutions. It is important to focus on the services, social innovations and improved quality of lives of people to boost the national economy. The technological innovations need to diffuse through society and engage as many people as possible for better social practices.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)